Monday, February 9, 2009

product (red) tee hit's Gap stores!

just in time for Westminster 09!
my shirt, featuring sketches from this blog is hitting stores in the US and Japan this week!
they're limited edition, so get one before they're gone.


Anne Good said...

Just found your site and realized you are the artist of my very favorite dog tee shirt! I have your Gap tee in two sizes... my regular size and also a larger one that I wore when I was pregnant! I LOVE your work! Just wanted to say, keep the dog art coming!!

Anne Good
Chihuahua Curator at:

missziss said...

Thanks Anne!
Your note made my day!

I'll be setting up an Etsy shop to sell my Dogs A-Z Prints. Check back with the blog in the next few weeks for details!

And thanks for spreading the word about adoption! There are so many wonderful animals out there that need homes.



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