Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Guide Dog on the 2 Train

I get ├╝ber jazzed whenever I see a dog on the subway. I pretty much have to sit on my hands (or in this case, pick up my sketchbook) to keep from shnuzzling a beast while on the job.
(photo courtesy of Jro)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cute is in the eye of the beholder

I drew these critters while talking down a hysterical, earthquake, tsnami and impending nuclear disaster addled Jro on Skype for hours and freakin' HOURS on end.
I don't find them particularly cute, but Jro loved them when she saw them sitting on my desk.
It's my attempt to forgo neoteny and still make y'all go "AWWWWW".

Drawing in Dumbo

I drew at Studio 514 yesterday. There was just a handful of us in a big, bright studio and the model and setup were both great. The snacks were delicious too. Lavender goat cheese? Genius!
(note to self: NOT genius with kalamata olive tapenade)
Steve and Liam, you totally outdid yourselves.
An exaggerated drawing of the model.
And a slightly more realistic 10-minute sketch. I was listening to the Charlie Sheen Porn Star Beauty Pageant while drawing and it's all I can think of when I look at these. Winning!


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