Saturday, December 12, 2009

second-to-last drawing class of the 2009 season

i never come with any idea about how i'm going to work that day.
been trying to re-learn everything i've forgotten or never learned in the first place while in school. it's been nice, just feeling my way around things and being surprised by how they come out. my work on the computer is very similar - i never have a real idea of what i want but rather "sculpt" the drawing until it feels right.

bits of randomness

my first encounter with miss Bunny!
she has charmed her way into the hearts of a very nice family.
i'm so happy she's off to live the life of a very pampered puss,
but am still going to be heartbroken when she's gone.

man, that was one shaky train ride (probably a C!).
decided to go with it.

a sketch to see how much i can draw between stops downtown.


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