Thursday, December 4, 2014

Cheese Doodles featured on Cheese Notes Blog

My cheese illustrations are featured in today's Cheese Notes, written by the esteemed cheese maker and blogger, Matt Speigler. Thanks Matt!

Saxelby Cheese Doodle No. 10: Jos Vulto's Ouleout

This week's mouthwatering selection from @saxelbycheese is #Ouleout. Made with love @vultocreamery, it's wonderfully stinky, mushroomy, meaty and creamy!

Saxelby Cheese Doodle No. 9: The Lorenzo

The Lorenzo, a sheep's milk cheese from Meadowood Farms is aged at least 2 months then washed with cider from Harvest Moon Cidery. Give it some time to warm up on the counter to fully experience it's buttery, nutty goodness!


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